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4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Christine

    I noticed your ad to donate a bed but you perfer a cash donation. Well I actuall have a small crate/kennel that I bought for my neice’s poodle when she came out here last year. She used it for 3 days but I have no need for this. Would you take an item like this?

    • Kim

      Hi Christine,

      We’d be happy to take it off your hands and make good use of it – whether it goes to a shelter or a local rescue organization I’m sure we could find someone in need of a crate! Feel free to drop it off at either of our locations on 2/13 or 2/14.

      Thank You!

  2. Friedbert Landkammer

    nice try to make some money! i think it’s a rip off, for 65 dollars you can buy 3 dog beds in any pet store. Better way to help this dogs is buying a cheap moving blanket and donate to a shelter!

    • Kim

      Hi Friedbert,
      In no way is anyone “making money” off of this, but I do understand your concern. These dog beds are specifically designed for use in a shelter – they are durable and can easily be cleaned. Shelters are often given donations of blankets and store-bought dog beds that go unused for the following reasons:

      1) Store bought beds are not durable enough and are easily chewed up, causing the threat of a dog ingesting a foreign material (the bedding material)
      2) The mess of a shredded-up, store bought bed means that when the kennels are hosed down the drains get clogged, which leads to even bigger problems
      3) Store bought beds need to be washed and dried (or dry cleaned) every time a dog has “an accident” on them. The kuranda beds are water resistant and can quickly be hosed down

      If 140 kennels at South L.A. had store bought beds or blankets they would need an entire staff dedicated to rotating/laundering the bedding materials and unfortunately most shelters do not have that kind of luxury.

      Additionally, the bouquets have been generously donated to us specifically for this purpose so none of the money is going to the cost of the flowers. I hope that clears up your concerns and I can assure you that 100% of the donations collected here will be used to buy Kuranda beds that are built to with-stand shelter conditions.

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